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Available Subjects

SSS students get access to Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for a whole year, all on the same subscription.

JSS students get access to English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Business Studies, and Basic Technology for a whole year, all on the same subscription.

How does uLesson work?

uLesson contains several hours of high-quality lessons that break down even the most difficult concepts so that students of any learning ability can properly understand. The app also contains 18000+ quizzes, along with tests and mock exams to help students build confidence and eliminate exam phobia. Learning with uLesson is very simple. Once the app has been downloaded, the user can start streaming video lessons via the internet, and answering practice questions. You also get FREE 3GB of data when you subscribe so you don't have to use your mobile phone data.

What are the key benefits of uLesson?

All uLesson users enjoy the following key beneftis; No need to cram Access to thousands of high-quality, curriculum-relevant video tutorials, which are further enhanced using digital animations and illustrations that help learners grasp critical, and sometimes complex concepts. Curriculum Relevant Content All the video lessons in uLesson have been designed to align with the curriculum in Nigerian Schools Rich data analytics Rich data analytics that allows a learner, as well as their parents/guardians, to monitor and assess their progress across subjects and/or topic areas. A learner can learn at their own pace. It allows the learner to fastforward, rewind and pause learning at will Learning adapted to the African context. The service is provided at less than 10% of the cost of a traditional home tutor.

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